Aner comes from a small town named Turda. Even from the beginning he composed his own songs. Being born under the zodiac sign Leo, his ambition and courage were constantly his best friends. His first contact with the public happend at the age of 10 and 4 years later he set up his first project titled “4FUN”. He was the lead singer of the band for 8 years which lead them to success.

In 2002 the band released the single “In Bratele Tale/In Your Arms” which took him out of the anonymity.

In 2010 Aner sets up different projects with his partner DJ Jonnessey.

From East to West

 In 2011 ‘Remember’ was being released, a sensitive and successful song with R’n’B influences reaching Kiss FM Romania Radio’s top 10 songs. The author Andrei Ciobanu mentioned the song in his book ‘Suge-o Ramona’. 

 In 2015, on the 10th of August, coinciding with his birthday, Aner released his new song ‘Pas in doi’  in collaboration with Dj Jonnessey. The song reached Kiss FM Romania and TV Romania Radio’s top hence the concerts, the tours and of course, the fans. 

 Strongly influenced by the boyband Boyz 2 Men, Aner started recording his solo album. ‘Reverse’, ‘What I haven’t told you’ and ‘ When you’re not here’ are some of the songs shaping this album. 

 2016 was a good year for Aner and this was reflected through his most recent song ‘Stay with me’ released in December as a Christmas present for his fans. 

Music, my inspirations

2017 sounds promising even from the beginning. Aner spends most of his time in the studio in order to finish his next single. His love  and passion for music always guided his steps in the right direction. He writes his life story and reflects it through music. All his songs are sincere which is why people listen to him and love him. ‘Another episode of my life’, this is how Aner presents all the songs on his album.  

« Everything you do, do it with your heart!»